I love La Blogotheque’s little “Take Away Shows”. A sort of unplugged videos of songs. And I love Darwin Deez. And today Darwin Deez’s newsletter told me they they had made a Take Away Show! Whoho! It’s like a birthday!


With the Bad Lieutenant contest announced last week, this weekends nostalgia must obviously be New Order. And the it’s obviously True Faith. One of the most unique, weirdest and greatest music videos ever.

I kinda liked She & Him’s first album, but just kinda. One reason was the fantastically innovative title. “She & Him”. Aha. “Volume 1”. Oh really? That melds with the music wich also lacks imagination. Plus, I resent Zooey Deschanel for being multi-talented and good looking. It’s unfair.

Their new single “In the Sun” isn’t breaking any rules either. But it’s damn catchy, and the video is really cute, so I’m prepared to change my mind.

Yesterday Bad Lieutenant announced a video contest for their new single Twist of Fate. Cool idea, cheap, gets fans involved, etc. And if you now go “Who the F is Bad Lieutenant” then it’s Bernad Sumners new band. And yeah, they are great, because they sound like New Order, but unfortunately without Peter Hooks basslines. So, it’s New Order on the cheap, and a good substitution of you, as me, suffer from New Order abstinence symptoms. Some songs even have Stephen Morris on drums.

So to make some advertising for the video contest I’ll put up Bad Lieutenants previous video “Sink or Swim”, even though it frankly sucks. It’s such a boring video. So close your eyes and listen to the song, which is as catchy as always.

Yeah, I know. You’ve already seen it. Just a couple of weeks old, and it has 9 million views. Doesn’t matter. See it again. The song is great, and the video beyond awesome, and there is more detail to discover everytime you see it.

OK Go wins again, with “This Too Shall Pass”.

But maybe, just maybe you haven’t seen THIS version:

Also awesome.

If you ever doubted that Phoenix was great band, check out this version of Lisztomania and One Time too Many, done on a tour bus in Paris. So you get nice scenery in the background too. They get off at the Eiffel tower. Still playing.

Wow, it seemed so fresh back in 1988. The lush layered massive sound, the paint-effect on the video adding a nice high culture feel to the video.

Of course, Enya has since made loads of songs sounding exactly the same but without being catchy. But this song it still great and the video still beautiful.